ETON Student Writes for a National Daily

They say that writing is crummy on the nerves, but that's not the case with Lemuel Austin Constantino, a Grade 7 student of Eton International School. Aside from being a consistent topnotcher of the annual International Benchmark Test in Science and Math, Lemuel also wanted to experience how to become a writer.

His wish came true when, out of the blue, his mom received a text message from the Manila Bulletin, inviting him to write an article. And the rest is history. After the first article came out in April of this year, he wrote one after another. Most of his articles are film reviews-one on Romeo and Juliet The Movie and the other on Pirates of the Caribbean, to name a few-because Lemuel also loves watching movies. His reviews are informative and fun to read-not just for kids like him, but adults as well. He writes like a pro whenever he evaluates one movie at a time.

First, Lemuel gives his readers a synopsis of the featured film. Then, he tells what he likes and doesn't like with the movie. To make it more interesting, he even lists down his favorite scenes in the movie so the reader can check it out themselves. Then, to top it off, he rates the featured movie from 1 icon, as the least, to 5 icons, as the best.

Here's an excerpt from his recently published film review of Real Steel: "Every scene was awesome and action-packed. The famous boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard, was actually the one responsible for all the boxing moves in the movie. All of us in the movie house were psyched. There were touching scenes like when ATOM carried Max, and the last part of the movie, which would definitely make people cry." After reading Lemuel's articles, who wouldn't be convinced to go and line up to watch the movie?

Indeed, students at ETON are growing up to be well-rounded individuals. They are taught to seize every opportunity where they can learn new skills and experience new things-even if it means watching and writing about the latest blockbuster.