TOEFL Primary and TOEFL Junior

The TOEFL  Primary and Junior is a stepping stone towards University success and can be used in many situations:

  • ASEAN – The TOEFL Junior reports 3 scores (Lexile, TOEFL & CEFR). The Vietnam 2020 Foreign Languages Project requires that high school students meet a B2 standard
  • International Schools – Schools globally accept the TOEFL Junior as proof of English proficiency
  • Scholarship Programs – Students can apply to a global TOEFL Scholarship program at

All TOEFL Junior test takers receive a Lexile measure and access to a free Lexile based Reading Program

Lexile measures are the most widely used reading measures in the world with 50 million being reported yearly (Used by 48 out of 50 States in the USA)

Students can access the learning platform online with worksheets that are scored automatically (Mobile / PC / Tablet)

Students will receive access to free books with audiobooks which they can download and/or print. Hopkins International Partners is the sole and official country partner of the Lexile Program which can be seen at