Eton International School recognizes the vital role parents have in their children's lives. Indeed, parents - even those busy with work and business, know the importance of spending time and resources to support, encourage, instruct and challenge their precious children. This is the reason why the school gives every opportunity for parents and the whole family to bond together in meaningful activities and events. The dedicated parents of ETON are grateful of this special partnership between the school and their families. Here are some words of encouragement from parents of ETON.

"My husband and I are first time parents and we want the best education for our daughter Gabrielle. After countless inquiries, we realized that finding the right school for our child was the hardest thing to do. To make the long story short, our daughter Gabrielle, then only five years old, started her learning journey at ETON International School in a prep class. With the small sizes and competent teachers, as well as the nurturing attitude of the rest of the staff, we noticed that Gabrielle has more than thrived. She has grown into a student who loves learning and going to school. We also noticed that the curriculum of the school is excellent and the teachers make sure that the topics and the activities are relevant to the kids in each class. They encouraged the kids to always do their best and celebrate there accomplishments. The school also initiates a variety of activities and Gabrielle, just like the rest of the kids, loves to participate in all of these events. With Eton, we are confident that our daughter has a brilliant future ahead of her."-Au and Obet Roque
"Our journey has been a smooth one. Like all families, we all have our trials and tribulation. One important aspect of our life is the education of our children. Reinard had a rough time when he started schooling. He was exposed to a teaching method that did not meet his needs. As a result, he was unable to excel and perform to his potential. We ended up transferring him from one school to another in our desire to find the best for him. Now, he is blessed to be part of a community that helps him develop his character. He is well taught that all our friends and families would ask me how he is so calm and carefully mannered these days. There is only one simple answer to their endless stream of questions: the ETON learning system. Now, Reinard has developed into the perfect son that I envisioned him to be. He has learned how to cooperate with his fellow students and best of all, he comes home everyday with additional knowledge. Thankyou, ETON, for your everyday miracle with children."-Rose Vanessa Chan
"ETON International School has everything we wanted and expected - a good quality education, a small student-to-teacher ratio, and extra-curricular activities that develop the personality of each child. ETON is indeed a second home to our son, Marcus. He is happy and each day he looks forward to going to school. We truly appreciate the effort of the teachers and staffs for respecting our son's unique personality, recognizing his individuality and pushing him to his maximum potential."-Mrs. Buenavista