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Why Eton

Eton International School offers holistic, multi-intelligence, universally-designed education to develop your child’s unique learning needs. Eton International School is the only international school in the Philippines that prepares children using the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC), International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC), and Dunn & Dunn Model of International Learning Styles Network designed to explore better learning, instill habits, discover strengths, and nurture multiple intelligences of every child.

Better Learning

International Curriculum

ETON International School uses an international curriculum that is thematic and creative with a clear process of learning and with specific goals for every subject customized depending on every child’s needs. Its thematic nature allows each student to connect, which dramatically increases knowledge and understanding of concepts and ideas. Its goal centric environment increases engagement, retention, and overall knowledge of each subject.

Multiple Intelligence Holistic Learning

Holistic Learning

Every child possesses different kinds of intelligence and therefore learns, remembers, performs, and understands in different ways. We focus on your child’s strengths to build their confidence early in life. We believe that teaching is not limited to lectures and just solving problems. We employ different styles of teaching to cater to different kinds of student needs.

Better Learning 1

Higher Learning

The Dunn & Dunn Model is based on the studies regarding brain development. It identifies a student’s ideal learning style based on these five major categories: (1) environmental, (2) emotional, (3) sociological, (4) physiological & (5) psychological. Eton International School uses the Dunn & Dunn Model as the guide for effective teaching strategies. Each Eton educator is aware of their student’s learning style and adapts to that particular child’s learning preference.

Online 3D Learning

Online Learning

Eton International School utilizes a user-friendly Learning Management System for online learning. Our online learning management systems are developed to engage students using a modern user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design-thinking methodology. Our online learning management system shall surely provide holistic and higher learning for every student. 

About Eton

Molding children in becoming the leaders of the next generation is and always has been the mission of Eton International School Founder and President Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino.

She wanted to build a school without borders where the best and brightest in the country can learn alongside each other while celebrating their differences and honoring their uniqueness.

Eton International School nurture global leaders using the 21st century teaching approaches that School Founder and President Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino learned when she studied at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She dedicated her life in empowering kids by studying different teaching and learning styles in the US, UK, and Asia.

International Preschool Curriculum

International Middle Years Curriculum

International Middle Years Curriculum

Eton LMS Program